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Magic Zone

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Between the Eastern seaboard and the Mississippi River are more woodlands, lakes and meadows, but also ley lines and Rifts. The magic of the lines lures creatures of magic as well as mortal practitioners of magic to its embrace. Here there be dragons and a variety of exotic beings not found in other lands. They include the horrid Necrophim, Darkhounds, Sun Demons, Amorph, Dragon-Apes, DemonDragonmages. Lanotaur Hunters, Psi-Goblins, and the shape-changing Zenith Moon Warpers, among others.

Hidden among the forest and hills of the magic zone are several city states heavily enriched with magic of all kinds. There is the famous kingdom of Dweomer, ruled by a trio of magic gods. There is also the Federation of Magic, a more cruel and sadistic kingom ruled by Alistar Dunscan hidden away in the City of Brass. Also among these kingdoms is the fable city of Psyscape, said to only be found by those who are worthy and the vile and depraved city of Soulharvest, populated by all kinds of death worshiping spell casters.